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Antenatal Pilates

Pregnancy is a special time in which your body has changing needs which are not accounted for in a general pilates class. This is why we run special antenatal Pilates classes for pregnant women in the second and third trimesters. Jennifer was the first instructor in the area to offer these classes and they have proved to be extremely successful, with women now returning for their 2nd pregnancies. These classes have fewer people then a general class and allow for closer attention to be paid to each client.

Antenatal Pilates classes will help the pregnant woman to move correctly without stressing her joints and, in emphasizing correct alignment and good posture, is perfect for helping to cope with the increased strain on the neck, shoulders and upper back. Strengthening exercises for the pelvic floor and deep abdominals help to support the extra weight in her tummy thus decreasing the strain taken by the lower back. Meanwhile gentle toning and relaxation exercises will keep to keep her fit, healthy and relaxed. Many of the exercises are conducted while seated on a large ball which helps to increase balance and core stability while providing release for the lower back.

These classes take place at the previously-named Little Pilates Studio in East Greenwich (now Pilates & Rehab). For more information or to book, please see the studio website: www.pilatesandrehab.com.

If you have any injuries or want something more personalised for you than one-to-one sessions may be the solution. Both Sue and Jennifer do offer one-to-one sessions for pregnant women. For more information or to book, please visit the Contact & Booking section and contact Sue for sessions in Blackheath and Jennifer for sessions in East Greenwich or Eltham.




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