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Beginners’ class: Introduces the Pilates basics. The focus is on improving your posture, muscle strength, joint mobility and giving you a unique insight into how the body works as an integrated whole rather than just a set of muscles. Exercise repetitions are kept low so proper form is maintained and classes are small enough to ensure as much individual attention as possible.

Improvers’ class:   Builds on the basics. Muscle strength and endurance are increased without compromising freedom in the joints. As the repertoire becomes more familiar, transitions between each exercise become more dynamic and free flowing.

Intermediate class:   Assumes familiarity and confidence with all the Pilates principles to a level which requires less guidance and demonstration by the teacher. You are now working hard while moving with grace and ease.

Mixed Level class;   Will often be a group of people who are attending when not able to make their regular class. Sometimes, it will be a mix of ages and abilities so exercise are modified or adapted to each student’s level of ability.


Gives your body the tools it needs to perform the mat sequence with a better understanding of the Pilates concepts. It will also improve and enhance athletic performance.

Equipment classes are particularly helpful in rehabilitating injuries and working with specific health conditions. The dynamic feedback from the spring resistance on the Pilates equipment offers support and feedback. This can be crucial when trying to identify muscle imbalances and help the body regain its alignment.

Pilates equipment is also particularly suitable for pregnant, elderly or injured students, who may find it difficult to lie down and stand up from the floor with ease. All of the equipment is elevated from the floor making it easier to transition from one exercise to the next and from one piece of equipment to another.


Convenient when a ‘live’ studio class is not possible. You can be part of a class ‘community’ or take a private class. Enhanced verbal instruction and correction is offered in place of the usual ‘hands on’ cueing.

Students with their own home studio can also experience a ‘live’ Zoom class with me on a one-to-one basis

Recordings will be made available for a limited time after the ‘live’ classes


This is a matter of personal choice as well as affordability. While you get to enjoy the social interaction of a group class, the occasional one-to-one will help you gain a deeper understanding of the Pilates concepts. You can then apply them in class or adapt the exercises to your own particular goals

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