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”Pilates will change the way you look, the way you feel and the way you move!”

– Joseph H Pilates


Pilates is a progressive body conditioning method, which targets the deep postural muscles to stabilise the body and support the spine during movement. In the Pilates system, you learn the ‘less is more’ concept, so the body generates as much energy as is necessary and no more than is needed as it learns efficiency. Exercises are performed mindfully, putting you in control of your body’s movement, taking you through more physically challenging exercises in correct posture. The Pilates layering technique means your joints are not placed under stress and your movements become more fluid; your posture will respond as you become much more body aware. Additionally, you will find yourself handling stress more effectively and the ability to relax becomes easier.

In the mat work classes, we use small equipment like balls and elastic bands to help replicate the resistance of Pilates studio machine work and give your body dynamic feedback.

This is quite a different workout to the Pilates exercise classes you will find in a gym environment. Performed in a small group setting, it becomes so much more than exercise. Rather, it is transforming bodywork requiring a commitment to take what you learn in class to your life, work and leisure time.


Pilates can benefit people of all ages and fitness levels. From active ageing to enhanced sports performance. If you are recovering from illness or injury, Pilates will give you the tools to manage and improve your condition

Each exercise will strengthen, stretch and tone your body and the benefits of regular practice include:

– A longer, leaner and more toned appearance
– Improved posture
– Stress and tension relief
– Stronger body
– Improved balance and coordination
– Greater strength and flexibility
– Increased agility, reducing the risk of injury


If you would like to turn these benefits into your own personal goals I would love to help you to achieve them.

For a great read on the history of Pilates, look here:

“With body, mind and spirit functioning perfectly, as a coordinated whole, what else could be reasonably expected, other than an active, alert, disciplined person”

Joseph H Pilates

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